Francisco Javier Torralba Robles

3D Generalist @ Campero Games

Welcome to Carnageval – (Teesside AGD) (Old Work)

Hi all, I’m Javier Torralba, from Computing Game Art and I’m going to post here everything about my participation on the final year proyect in Teesside University. We are a group divided in 4 artists, 5 designers, 1 animator and 3 programmers, me as character artist.

I’m going to upload new work every week or twice per month, starting with the reference research and showing final render of every model to finish. In this way, we can see the process that I follow to accomplish every goal.

– Start making a basic 3D base mesh to make easier the production of every character in the game.


– Produce some sketches for the mask of one enemy, the clown. Those mask can be divided in three: scarecrow, pumpkin and clown. The final design that was chosen was clown.

Faces_Midget1 Faces_Midget2

– Adaptation of the first base mesh to the heigh and shame of the clown to help with the concept art.


– Produce sketches to decide the design of one enemy, the magician.

Faces_Magicien2 Faces_Magicien1


– Finally, we chose research more designs for caucasic and asiatic characters, so I keep designing suits for those two enemies.

2724 25 26 3128 29 30

– Finally, we chose the asian desing for this enemy, this is a high poly render (wip) and the final low poly model.


magician low poly

– Start modelling the main character (Trixie) with ZBrush.


– Trixie low poly model

low oly trixie

-Trixie final low poly model.


– We produced a final boss, Dr Stromboli, Deming Lee draw the concept.


– Unfortunately, I’m not going to texture Dr Stromboli and magician models becuase aren’t going to be in the final game, we had to discard a lot of work because the animator has not been capable of skin and animate all the models.

– Partners who had to model and texture props and assets needed help, so finally I will model characters and environment.

screenshot001 screenshot002

– Carousel’s textures were made transforming real pictures to hand painted cartoon textures. Here is an example of this process.

cartoon textures process

– Wooden barrel.


-Wooden crate.


– Power Ups


– Last asset.


– Demo video.


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