Francisco Javier Torralba Robles

3D Generalist @ Campero Games

Teesside Final Personal Project (Old Work)

Hi all, I’m Javier Torralba, from Computing Game Art and I’m going to post here everything about my personal final year project in Teesside University.

The project I have selected is about 3D modelling, I will design, model and texture two 3D models: One of these models is the main character, other is a futuristic armor that the character is able to use.

Since I was fourteen I was creating a story about superheroes, over the years I was improving everything about characters, personalities, environment and a fictional history associated between Mayans and aliens, so now I have the chance to design the main character of that story and to prove myself in 3D modelling.

The main title of my project its “Lu’um” that means “earth” in the Mayan language, I choose this name because the futuristic suit bring one of the four elements in Earth (earth, water, fire and wind) superpowers to his owner, the character of my project have the power of the earth.

This project gives me the chance to design, sculpt and adapt two models for an adventure game, this means that maybe in a future I will see my own creations in a videogame. Those three years I was learning many different things about these industry: narrative, design, characters, vehicles, concept… but now I choose a great pathway to become a character artist.

There are big studios that take care to choose the best designs for their main character, for example: Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed, Telltale Games with The Walking Dead or Bungie with Halo. I want to reach that level of quality in all my works and I will use this project to show everyone what I’m capable to do.

For the final work I will use the final render of both models to design a box cover as a real video game, attending actual designs of PS4/Xbox One games.

I’m going to upload new work every week or twice per month, starting with the reference research and showing final render of two models to finish. In this way, we can see the process that I follow to accomplish every goal.

Lu’um – TORRALBA ROBLES, Francisco Javier [P4112434] – GPP

– First, visual references, my hero have to join an armor with mayan and futuristic references.


– Then I can start with some concept art, including a pose which show correctly every part of the suit.


– Base mesh production, speed sculpt for turnaround made with ZBrush, next step sketch turnaround and finally low poly armor with 3Ds Max.


-As I said in the description of this project, there are two models. I already show the armor, but now it’s time to know who is the main character, in the next photo you will see a WIP picture from the model’s face, the challenge of this character is about make a 3D model of… myself!


– For make the scult easier I edited the front face reference and made a symmetry.

simetric Front

– Step by step.

Firts step

– Then, I erase symmetry and keep working in the shape.



– Low poly model and normal map test.

low polynormal test– Hair will be modelled with the same technic as Naughty Dog had used in Uncharted 4, and I will use as principal reference of quality Nathan Drake. (Reference)

ref nathan

(Image from Naughty Dog’s PlayStation Experience video – )

– Start modelling base clothes, here a few steps, it’s still being WIP.


– Final model.


-Same process to make jeans.


-And final model.


– Hand sculpt process.


– Final hand model.


– Shoes sculpt process.


– Final shoe model (without laces).


– Final high model.


– Low poly final model (12K).


-Final high poly face (Not final hair).


– Next picture is a lower poly face, just for make the polypaint texture. In the first idea of the project I wanted to do a photo-based texture, but now, I think it is better to make a hand-painted texture, because I want to prove myself making a realistic skin texture.


– Now the final high poly model which will be used to gamebox image with fibermesh, a ZBrush’s tool which add a semi-realistic hair.


– Texture’s process.


-Final texture render-


– I’ve decided to change the design of the alien armor, last week I saw the old concept and I though that needed a maturer style, so this is the result.

New armor concept Zaktoro– Step by step of the new armor


– Final high poly armor.


– Low poly armor final model (13K) and textures.



– Final low poly character and textures.

Turn_low_MAX Turn_low_MAX_wire

Textures_Body Textures_Head

– Final render low poly in Marmoset Toolbag 2.


– *Update, model changes and final ExpoTees 2015 poster.



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